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CarolDon Since we became a team in September 1980, our reporting has taken us from Chicago to Cicero to Jalalabad, from Berwyn to Belfast to Bangkok. We've covered crooked politicians and mobsters (sometimes one in the same), those who inspired, and those who plotted and perplexed. What a trip it has been. Thanks to all who helped along the way.
"Nobody Told Me"

In 1997 less than 10% of Manley Career Academy's graduating class went to college. In 2003 the struggling high school on Chicago's poverty-scarred west side sent over 70% of its graduating seniors to colleges and universities around the country. Lila's Hope is the story of the women who made this success a reality, Lila Leff. We joined her, Manley's faculty and its students for an academic year, sharing in their hopes, dreams, successes and failures.
DePaul Documentary Project

In September of 2003, Marin and Moseley joined with DePaul University to create The DePaul Documentary Project. Its office on DePaul's Lincoln Park Campus acts as the home base for the operations of Marin Corp Productions and is supported by a rotating cast of interns drawn from DePaul's student body.
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