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The Fight Over Faith

There are an estimated 100-million people in America who call themselves "born-again." They are mostly white and largely conservative. Marin Corp Productions and The DePaul Documentary Project chronicle the tense fight between conservatives and progressives for control of America's Protestant denominations. The battle is waged by conservative evangelicals who believe there is one and only one path to Heaven. The Bible is their authority. Salvation is their goal. The film also explores the use of faith in public policy, visiting the country's first faith-based prison in Florida, and investigates ways evangelicals are bringing new, younger members into the fold.

The Fight Over Faith was filmed in Richmond, VA, Spartanburg, SC, Jacksonville, FL, St. Paul, MN, Cincinnati, OH and Washington D.C.
Status: Premiered on CNN Presents Sunday October 24, 2004, 7 pm CST

Keeping the Faith: Becoming a Priest in Today's Catholic Church

In the midst of the sexual abuse scandel that rocked the foundations of the American Catholic Church, we visited Mount Saint Mary's of the West Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio. There we followed the spritual journey of 42 men forced to grapple with the most severe crisis in the history of the American church as they struggled to reconcile themselves with tradition and answer a centuries-old call to service.

Status: Premiered on Discovery Times February 1, 2005, 10pm EST

Nobody Told Me

In 1997 less than 10% of Manley Career Academy's graduating class went to college. In 2003 the struggling high school on Chicago's poverty-scarred west side sent over 70% of its graduating seniors to colleges and universities around the country. Lila's Hope is the story of the women who made this success a reality, Lila Leff. We joined her, Manley's faculty and its students for an academic year, sharing in their hopes, dreams, successes and failures.

Status: Premiered on NBC in Chicago 2006.